American Dream

We are invited to Bob’s home for dinner, which is a middle-class family in American. It is impressive for the whole family, cannot help make me associate the term “American dream”. A lot of people several decades years ago immigrated to America and they are in hope of their own American dream. What is American dream on earth? Is that the opportunity to become rich? or, is it the opportunity to achieve more prosperity than they could in their countries of origin? or, is it the opportunity for their children to grow up with an so-called better education and become professionals? Lots of examples prove that through hard work and determination one can become materially successful – which usually means at least middle-class comfort, like Bob’s life(Bob and his family are American), big house, more than two cars, big private swimming pool, dog pets, lovely boy and girl children,after earlier retire spending plenty of time with family. All of these are parts of American dream, however, the most impressive point is that they live their own abundant life down-to-earth. They would like to be a high school teacher after law school graduation just because they would like to live easy life. They could be able to instruct their own children at home,not go to elementary school, just because they think it is better ways and they have their own plans.

The term American dream was appeared originally to be a history book by James Truslow Adams entitled The Epic of America (1931):

“If, as I have said, the things already listed were all we had to contribute, America would have made no distinctive and unique gift to mankind. But there has been also the American dream, that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.”

In the early and mid 20th century, the use of the term “American Dream” to more narrowly refer to home ownership was promoted by Realtors in order to associate social success with home ownership.

dragonfly.Also called Regional darning needle Regional devil’s darning needle Regional ear sewer Regional mosquito hawk Regional skeeter hawk Regional snake doctor Regional snake feeder Regional spindle

各地对蜻蜓的许多不同叫法为美国的方言边界提供了很好的依据。对蜻蜓叫法最多的是南部,在那里最常用的是snake doctor (因民间认为蜻蜓照看蛇而得名)。中部有与此相应的叫法:snake feeder。 而南部较南端的人则通常把蜻蜓叫作mosquito hawk , 南大西洋诸州又把它称为skeeter hawk。 南部以外的其它地方更多地根据蜻蜓的外形而非行为或食物为之命名:北部较北端的人把它叫作darning needle 或 devil’s darning needle ; 新泽西州海岸一带叫spindle ; 而北加利福尼亚人则叫ear sewer



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