A letter for the dicussion

Dear Bob,

I am sorry and ashamed for that I forgot the word “道德” of modern Chinese meaning in English, which is “Morality”(also the meaning used by Confucian).If separating, “道” means way, “德” means virtue(reference to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tao_Te_Ching). However, I think in “Tao Te Ching”, Tao means natural or natural law (just my thinking based on my learning and understand).

Maybe “Tao Te Ching” is more popular than Confucianism in the West(America, European countries and so on) for kinds of reasons, which is published at least 40 English versions. As a matter of fact that, in China, Confucianism is a largely dominated philosophy through education system in ancient China for governors which deeply influences Chinese people’s values and lifestyles so many years. Usually, people who have an ideal and romantic thinking like some poets prefer  Tao Te Ching and think it is important to obey the natural law, to act  in accordance with  the natural  law and respect the world.The individuals  should  normally  promote  simple and  natural.
And Confucianism emphasizes on the social relationships. Primal thinking of Confucianism is humaneness, 
etiquette, filial piety, loyalty, the details of which can be found by this link( reference to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confucianism ).
The two thinkings always influence one people’s thinkings and actions together. But different people have their own preference according to their situations and conditions. When people come across failure they can find some comfort and happiness in thinking of Taoism and when people are prosperous in their business they prefer to Confucianism.

‘Ching'(经)usually refers to the classic text, written by people who is called “saints”  are thinking of developing guidelines and code of conduct in history.You know “Bible” in Chinese is “圣经”(sheng jing)(Holy Ching).

Also have a question that you asked me whether my parents or me have religions. Yes, if  the  religion  refers  to Christ, Buddhism, Islamic or some other faith, we are poor because of the education, we have no idea about there is a god above the world for sure. You know we,especially my parents and grandparents believe in communism called for by the government or Communist Party.They, as a communist, have a thinking that work hard and walk in the front of the line in work and are willing to take some arduous missions. You know in 2003 SARS,  as a communist and doctor, it is a pleasure and a proud thing for my parents to be on duty although it is dangerous. However, today there are some people make some bad things like corruption, stealing, killing, grabbing etc. because of the lost of morality, big differences of living situations between the poor and the rich, farmer and urban people,and some other things. It is a big problem for China reformation to improve these social systems and policies.

In fact that a lot of Chinese people now and then would like to believe in some strength over human, like go to a temple for blessing, oblation for fortune and wealth in Spring Festival.When meet dangers they will beg 老天爷(lao tian ye) (god) to help them and save them instinctively. We don’t always have the actions to strengthen the faith, like go to church for study Bible every week. But if we go out for tours and meet temple, maybe we will burn incense for a wish in front of  figure of Buddha.(I have once, just for fun). I think it is a culture accumulation and habit, like go to church for Bible study every week is a culture accumulation for being a good people in the West.

In fact these are what I want to say this afternoon. Sorry for this late complement.

Regards to your family,



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